Thoughts- Riflessioni

Today I am starting the second preparation course before of my departure.Everything is almost ready to go to Africa, but I feel I had no enough time to spend with the people I love. Meanwhile I am living my “personal drama” something more important is happening around me.

On Sunday a lot of italian women shared their concerns, their thoughts and their anger they screamed together!. The most important protest was in Rome but at the same time women protested in 230 ither italian cities and 28 cities worldwide. The motto of the protest “if not now, when?”comes from Primo Levi’s book about Holocaust. Italian women are tired of the sex scandals of their prime minister and of the role of women in italian society. The strumentalization of women’s body has been widespread in the media, but now politics and sex are too interwined.

The women’s body has taken a new meaning: it is a mean to obtain pubblic offices. Beauty, money, sex and power, this is teh  new boorish narrative. Women who protested on Sunday wanted to show up the other side of the story. The most of italian women are smart, hard-working, well-educated and they want actively partecipate in the italian society. In my opinion this protest made visibile the reality of italian women, the most hidden but the common one. Women,again, shaked a sleeping italian society, well done!.



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